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JADE provides services for young people, and supports youth activities which provide social, educational, economic, and employment opportunities for life progression into adulthood through direct and indirect recreational and social provision.

Our drop in centre and outreach services provide regular and consistent provision for hard to reach, vulnerable users many of whom who are engaged in negative behaviour ranging from drugs and alcohol to Anti-Social Behaviour and violence.

We work closely with Police, schools, families, early intervention, and health services to support the most vulnerable from our local community which often results in providing alternative curriculums and one-to-one mentoring support to address emotional and personal issues as well as supporting families where there are long-term unemployment, substance abuse, violence, and poverty issues.

In March 2016, JADE celebrated the 17th year since our first ever dance event, back in 1999. Their journey began simply; a group of friends learnt to DJ and MC at Kiveton Youth Centre and undertook training by Redroad Music, they had to perform in public to achieve their Level 2 in DJ’ing. They created the name ‘JADE – Just Another Dance Event’, and put on a small event to around fifty local young people and friends.

It has been some journey for JADE. The events grew out of all expectation; over 200 young people were cramming into the youth centre, so they moved events over to the hall at the Working Mens Club, where they attracted in excess of 350 young people – and further grew the JADE brand. The events raised over £5000 for local charities in Kiveton Park.

The success of the JADE branding had gained them a great reputation amongst young people in the area. After consultation with the young people in Kiveton, JADE opened their first drop in Centre in 2006. The project was lead by young people from day one, and still puts young people at the forefront to this day. The centre provided a ‘living room’ type environment, where they could sit and chill with friends or take part in activities like DJ’ing. They were also free to use the X-Box or chat to friends on Facebook, whilst also picking up any advice they needed from qualified youth workers at the centre – it meant that they had somewhere safe and entertaining to visit, which didn’t cost anything, and where they could come as often as they liked.

Fast forward to 2016 and JADE is now a registered charity delivering programmes and sessions across the county as well as our events and drop-in service – this means that we work with around 400 young people per week! We also work closely with many local secondary schools to deliver mentoring and training programmes to young people. We have secured premises via community asset transfer in Dinnington that have a wide range of facilities such as our community garden, youth clinic and youth centre space.

We  work closely with the local Police to help build better relationships between our young people, and their communities. The partnership work between South Yorkshire Police and JADE around “legal high” drugs, gun and knife crime, and gangs has been highly commended.

JADES activities are pin-pointed as a massive factor in lowering Anti-Social Behavior in our local communities whilst providing a wealth of positive outcomes for young people. Over the last two years the organisation has achieved over 6000 attendances through its drop in activities with young people and the wider community reporting a range of outcomes from skills development, improved health, qualifications to raised aspirations, confidence and self esteem.


Our objectives are to act as a resource for people, in particular but not exclusively young people, living in Rotherham and Sheffield and the surrounding areas by providing advice and assistance and organizing programmes of social, physical, educational and other activities as a means of: (a) Advancing in life and helping people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals; (b) Advancing education; c) Relieving unemployment; (d) providing recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for people living in the area of benefit with a view to improving their conditions of life.


To achieve this we provide a range of services from our youth and community centre based in Dinnington.  We provide regular and consistent drop in sessions that target young people who are most at risk of offending, drug and alcohol use and CSE. We provide after school clubs for younger users that addresses educational attainment, social skills and allows us to identify needs from a younger age. We provide alternative provision supporting our local schools to engage young people who are unable to attend mainstream education. We provide support for parents with a range of issues such as support with social care processes as we recognise that this improves outcomes for young people. We provide intergenerational work in order to engage young people as part of their community and break down negative perceptions of young people, whilst providing support for the wider community.


Our most recent independent impact report finds that we achieved 10,791 attendances through our activities from a user group of 927 individuals over a 3 year period (September 2013 – August 2016). From this examples of the outcomes we achieved include 926 young people reporting improved confidence and self esteem, 76 gained a qualification, 346 demonstrated new skills, 1940 reported improved attitudes to drug and alcohol use, 163 accessed support through our signposting to other agencies. Feedback from partners stated:


Partnership working

Comments from beneficiaries & partners

“They work with young people that most other agencies don't want to know/don't know what/how to work with them and often they've given up on them saying they are useless. Jade works with them and stays with them throughout all the complex behaviours.


” they are able to motivate young people to come back to school. I can honestly say that for one young person they may not be alive today if it was not for the support of Jade – they can be a lifeline.”

Every Child Matters Outcomes

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Company Limited by Guarantee No: 06700295.
Registered Charity No: 1153785.

Contact Details

New St
Sheffield S25 2EX
T: 01909 565639

Geographical area served

  • Rother Valley West
  • Rother Valley South

Age ranges served

  • Secondary 13-16
  • 16-19


JADE employs 0 staff.


JADE has 0 volunteers.



And for the Future...

Additional information

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Policies in Place

  • Child Protection Policy
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