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United Multi Cultural Centre

“Our mission statement is bringing together communities to share common goals and to help build a better and more positive for all”

Our aims and objectives are

To facilitate the development of the cultural awareness within the community
To raise awareness and increase confidence and self esteem amongst the members of the community
Help and assist new associations of Rotherham and act as a mentor for fledgling associations
To develop a networking infrastructure which, will support all disadvantaged communities
To work in conjunction with the Rotherham voluntary and statutory sector bodies in order to raise profile of the community
To raise the profile of community members as positive role models within Rotherham
To develop across cultural awareness in order to create racial harmony
To help empower members of the community
To develop in conjunction with the statutory sector bodies
To facilitate the development of family values and instil the ethos of cultural ideology within the community
To work within the institutional level to create a parity in terms of accessing the mainstream provisions.

United Multi Cultural Centre is truly multicultural and neutral we have many different nationalities in each Adult course there are only smiling faces. We’re very inclusive and everyone just gets along because they are here for the same reason.

We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients and being responsive of those needs so client satisfaction is very high on our agenda. We always put our beneficiaries first and we always listen. We foster a culture of mutual respect.

UMCC s running a number of projects that involve children and young people. They Include the

Children and Young People’s Project
UMCC have been running this project for a number of years and it has gone from strength to strength. Currently the team is working with over 60 young people a week. We are working in 4 Schools. Young people are being supported with reading at breakfast clubs, homework clubs and one to one support for young people whose first language is not English. We are doing home visits and talking to parents about the importance of attendance at school, we have engaged many parents through the parents training program so they can help their child at home etc. The environment project is also linked with this project and many young people attend over the weekend and half terms, they work on the allotments, learn about the recycling.

Community Sports Coach
UMCC have been running this project in Rotherham for a number of years in different areas. Currently this project is running in the Eastwood and Springwell Gardens area. Young people get a chance to engage in Sports. This gives them more opportunities to participate. Breakfast Clubs, lunch time clubs and after school clubs are well attended in 3 local schools. Girl’s football has gone strength to strength during the project which represents a new opportunity for young people. Volunteers have supported the project and have undergone qualifications relating to sports so they can support young people better.

V Project
This is a new project which gives young people opportunities to do some voluntary work in crèche, youth work, working in schools and in coaching. We have had a diverse range of volunteers from many backgrounds and have broken down many barriers. Volunteers have had the opportunity to go on courses such football level 2 so they are better equipped to find a job. It has been a successful project.

Boys Forum
This is a new project that has been going on since October 08. This is a young people’s project and they are the lead for the project. It consists of young people from the ages of 13 to 19 doing activities what they want to do such as Learning how to be a DJ, trips to a football club including a educational trip to house of Parliament and many more exciting activities and GCSE support for young people.


UMCC have the children and young people’s project which it has been running for over 6 years. UMCC have supported many young people in the community and raised confidence and self esteem of young people. Family learning was a key strength and many parents were involved and engaged in positive activities with their children. Many educational programs were set up to educate parents to support their children in all walks of life.

Currently UMCC are working within 4 schools and supporting young people with attainment, attendance, one to one support and involving parents to go through the training programs. The environment project is also linked with this project where young people are encouraged to grow plants, dig the allotments, work as a team and learn about recycling. The project has been a great success and has worked with over 60 young people and supported parents on a regular basis and encouraged volunteers to work with the project.

The V project is for 16 -25 and it fives young people a chance to do some voluntary work in their chosen field. UMCC have got a number of volunteer vacancies in Youth work, children’s project, and crèche, Teaching, Sports and Admin. Volunteers are supported with personal development and can attend courses that are relevant to their career. The project is going from strength to strength. A number of volunteers have had an experience in many fields and gained a lot of confidence.

We have a successful Community Coach Project which has been running for a number of years and has engaged many young people and volunteers in Sports. The project is running in the Eastwood and Springwell Gardens Area and has strong links with the community organisations such as HVFC, Eastwood Village, Path finder, The Place. The project also engages with 3 Schools which are St Ann’s, East Dene and Coleridge. Our qualified coach has delivered many breakfast clubs, after school clubs.

We have been running Boys Forum on a voluntary basis for 13 to 19 year olds. Young people are the lead decision makers and the attendance of young people has been very high because they are involved in the decision making, finances, and times of the sessions. We have gained funding for the project and doing effective work with young people. Young people have the opportunity to play pool, table tennis and have been making excellent progress learning DJ skills. The project is supported by qualified staff and the project is progressing well.

UMCC also run extra activities for young people by getting funding from the Out of hours project. Music projects have been a great success with a number of young people attending from the Rotherham Borough. The DJ projects have been a big hit with the young people. It is very popular among young people because they can fetch their own music and mix it.

Partnership working

We have worked with many partners and work very closely with them in order to deliver a more effective service to the communities of Rotherham.

We have worked with South Yorkshire Police, Children and Young People’s Services RMBC, Grow, VAR, Eastwood United, Pathfinder, Rotherham Titans, Local schools, Eastwood

UMCC is a member of the  children young people’s and families consortium. On a regional basis we have delivered  successful projects working in partnership

Comments from beneficiaries & partners

UMCC is a centre that has made a difference in my life.

Myf family have beenusing all services through the centref for over 15 years and they have been briiliant.  

Every Child Matters Outcomes

Stay Safe

From Accidents
Extra staff /risk assessments x, Policies and Procedures, Staff meetings

From maltreatment, abuse or exploitation
CRB checked staff Regular Training/ Positive activities, Policies and Procedures

From violence
Qualified staff / Regular Training/ Safe environment

From bullying and discrimination
Qualified staff / Regular training sessions/ Awareness, Advice on who to report to in schools etc

From crime or anti-social behaviour
Provide positive activities what young people want, Working in Partnership with South Yorkshire Police, Policy and Procedures

Be Healthy

Be physically healthy
Delivering Sports, Environmental Project, Allotments

Have a healthy lifestyle
Doing Sports / promoting healthy food, Educating Young People, Environment Project

Choose not to take drugs
Involved in positive activities / Positive Role models, Engaged in discussions

Enjoy and Achieve

Be ready for school
Supporting Breakfast Clubs, Young people encouraged to read, Good attendance, Working with parents

Attend and enjoy school
Supported as a group, Individual one to one support, Offering other activities, Educating parents

Achieve educational standards at primary level
Reading attainment improving on progression, Working with Parents, Providing positive activities, ne to one support

Achieve educational standards at secondary level
Supported to be part of the class, Clear Understanding, One to One Support, Group Work, Parental Support, Regular support

Enjoy recreation
Taking part in Sports, Taking parts in the environment project, Being a member of the out of hours project

Achieve Economic Wellbeing

Engage in further education, employment and training
Boys Youth Forum

Be ready for employment
Boys Youth Forum

Live in decent homes and communities
Support and refer to other agencies

Live in households free from low income
Support and engage many communities / Referrals

Make a Positive Contribution

Support the community or environment
Fundraising / growing vegetables on the allotments

Choose not to offend, re-offend or engage in anti-social behaviour
In anti-social behaviour, Engage in positive activities

Choose not to bully or discriminate
Supporting young people to be good citizens and have positive role models

Develop self confidence and enterprising behaviours
Young people budgeting and looking at finances and working on figures for project

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Company Limited by Guarantee No: 3727229.
Registered Charity No: 1099066 .

Contact Details

59 – 63 Carlisle Street
S65 1HA
T: 01709 360036

Geographical area served

  • Wentworth North
  • Wentworth South
  • Wentworth Valley
  • Rotherham North
  • Rotherham South
  • Rother Valley West
  • Rother Valley South

Age ranges served

  • Primary 5-9
  • Primary 9-11
  • Secondary 13-16
  • 16-19


United Multi Cultural Centre employs 22 staff.



United Multi Cultural Centre has 22 volunteers.

We need more funding for staff training and volunteers for ongoing development


Children and young People 250 Different young people 900+ Adults


Our strengths are good partnership work, pooling of resources and expertise. Knowledge of disadvantaged communities, qualified bilingual stag with experience of delivering to children and young people. We are an accreditation centre which offers (NVQ, OCN, GCSE, LITERACY AND NUMERACY, ECDL, CITIZENSHIP) UMCC have had an excellent partnership with all the schools and HAVE WORKED WITH MANY YOUNG PEOPLE AND PARENTS.

And for the Future...

To look for funding and ensuring Projects are building up and sustainability.

Additional information

  • Nominated Child Protection Officer
  • CRB checks

Policies in Place

  • Child Protection Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Recruitment & Selection Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Internet and Email Usage Policy
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure
  • Environmental Policy
  • Disability Discrimination Act Compliant
  • Business Continuity Policy
  • Training and Development Plan

Quality Systems in Place

  • EFQM Excellence Model