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Rotherham Rise

Our aim is to develope and provide a range of appropriate accommodation and support services to meet the needs of women, children and young people affected by domestic violence. As well as developing partnerships to support this aim.

Strategic aim A is

Operational Objectives:

1. Maintain develop and expand the range of accommodation available for women and children
2. Maintain develop and expand support services available for women and children
3. Provide service users with a co-ordinated package of specialist DV  support
4. Provide a range of one to one and group work opportunities
5. Provide a range of parenting support options
6. Maintain and develop one to one, peer support and group work opportunities
7. Develop access to services and expertise to enable effective support to be provided to women and children with specific needs such as mental health and drug issues.
8. Develop access to training/education
9. Ensure services are accessible to marginalised groups and that diversity is reflected within service delivery

 Strategic aim B to work in partnerhsip to support the aims of the organisation

Operational Objectives:
1. Develop and implement mechanisms for ensuring service users voices are fed into the  delivery/development of statutory services
2. Develop service users voice and influence in RWR service delivery, development and management
3. Develop and implement mechanism for ensuring stakeholder feedback is gathered and fed into RWR service delivery and development
4. Influence the development and delivery of partnership activity that is inline with the aims or benefits the work RWR
5. Raise the profile of RWR services in Rotherham
6. Support the development of the VCS
7. Support the implementation and development of the multi-agency and borough-wide domestic violence strategy
8. Support the implementation and development of the multi-agency and borough-wide women’s strategy

 Strategic aim: C
Challenge attitudes and promote awareness of the impact of violence and abuse on women and children and how to prevent it

Operational Objectives:
1. Contribute to the delivery of single and multi-agency training
2. Continue to develop and deliver awareness raising activity to children and young people in a range of environments including schools and youth groups.
3. Provide talks and presentaions to community and voluntary sector groups
4. Provide displays, talks and presentaions at conference and events
5. Partcipate in local and national campaigns
6. Take advantage of media opportunities to raise awareness of the  impact of domestic violence

Strategic aim: D
 Improve and develop robust management, financial, quality assurance and staff development, and support systems.

Operational Objectives:
1. Ensure all policies and procedures are current and up-to date with relevant legislation
2. Maintain and develop effective mechanisms for effective organisational management and governance.
3. Work towards achieving appropriate levels of quality standard accreditation frameworks
4. Develop and implement improved data-collection and reporting mechanisms
5. Maintain and develop ICT infra-structure and develop the organisations ICT effectiveness
6. Ensure appropriate support to enable the management group to develop and fulfil its role.
7. Ensure organisation is in a strong position to complete for commercial tenders.
8. Develop financial strategy


Rotherham Women’s’ Refuge is the only specialist provider of domestic violence support services to children and young people in the Rotherham area

Providing timely intervention can ensure children can understand and recover from their experiences of abuse, preventing children from entering into crime, engaging in substance misuse, self harming, running away from home, developing behavioural and emotional problems and further disruption in education and homelessness.

Not to mention preventing further violence and abuse! 90% of children are in the same or next room when domestic violence takes place.


Children and Young People’s Support and Information Service
This service is delivered through a support planning process with children/Young People and their carers (where) appropriate) identifying individual children and family needs, covering education, health (inc. substance use, sexual and mental health, child protection, child contact issues, emotional support requirements, safety planning and any other information, support or advocacy need. A service is then developed to meet these individual requirements.

The children and young people also have access to individual and group activities for them to explore their thoughts and feelings around their experiences, as well as a range of outings and new ventures to build their self confidence, self esteem and raise their aspirations and to ensure their stay at the refuge is a positive experience.

Preventative Work (inc. VFR)
Some of the preventative work with children and young people is delivered through inputs at Prison me No Way days and Crime safety days.

The core of our preventative work is delivered through the Violence Free Relationships programme to children aged 11 (yr 6 primary age) and upwards.  The programme is offered in a range of setting, including primary and secondary school, youth clubs etc.

The programme explores:
 What is domestic violence
 Different forms of Domestic Violence
 Domestic violence in the media
 Why it might be difficult to leave a violent relationship

Parenting Support needs are identified and actioned through the support planning process with families supported through accommodation or outreach.

We have an ethos of positive behaviour management and a no smacking policy. The needs and rights of children and young people are advocated by C&YP service. Children are supported to have a voice within the family relationship and solutions to family problems are sought through a variety of mediation process (not involving perpetrators)

 Further information can be found at our website Rotherham Womens Refuge

Partnership working

Health Visitor – A specialist Health Visitor visits the refuge on a weekly basis and provides a range of health focused advice and information to children and families.

MARAC – involved in the development of the MARAC processes in Rotherham

Comments from beneficiaries & partners

“Martin has come a long way in the last eighteen months. I know we wouldn’t have got him to where he is today without the help from Jane”

“Kids very safe and happy here” “Because it was nice and nobody else had the keys to get in”

“They helped us with our problems” “They had everything I liked, we did good stuff”

Every Child Matters Outcomes

Stay Safe

From Accidents
Support parents in the development of skills and to develop family relationships

From maltreatment, abuse or exploitation
Provide safe temporary accommodation of a high quality

From violence
Promote non violent resolutions to discipline for C&YP and provide alternative strategy for parents

From bullying and discrimination
Explore issues of bullying and discrimination through individual and group work activities with women and C&YP.

From crime or anti-social behaviour
EDelivery of VFR and other preventative work at schools and other venue around the borough

Be Healthy

Be physically healthy
Provide opportunities for C&YP to access local health services

Be emotionally or mentally healthy
Provide one to one support for children to share their experience and opportunities to develop self confidence and self esteem.

Have a healthy lifestyle
Provide opportunities for C&YP to experience activities to widen their knowledge and understanding of their environment and go on to raise their aspirations

Enjoy and Achieve

Be ready for school
Provide pre-school learning opportunities – Ofsted registered.

Attend and enjoy school
Homework clubs and access to resources and ICT.

Achieve educational standards at primary level
Support children to access and maintain school places or home tutoring.

Achieve educational standards at secondary level
Promote the importance and value of education

Enjoy recreation
Provide opportunities for social development through group activities and the peer support groups

Achieve Economic Wellbeing

Engage in further education, employment and training
Raising aspirations

Be ready for employment
Supporting parents and children to access FE and training opportunities

Live in decent homes and communities
Ensure family’s access welfare rights entitlements and can obtain other grants etc.

Live in households free from low income
 Ensure family’s access welfare rights entitlements and can obtain other grants etc.

Make a Positive Contribution

Engage in decision-making
Promote empowerment; children and young people are involved in making decisions about the service that is provided.

Support the community or environment
 Provide information and support to enable children to become involved in broader consultation e.g. Green Paper and DV Bill.

Develop self confidence and enterprising behaviours
 C&YP are encouraged and supported to explore their rights and responsibilities, what is right and wrong

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Registered Charity No: 506500.

Contact Details

PO Box 536, Rotherham S63 3DL
T: 0844 225 4411

Geographical area served

  • Wentworth North
  • Wentworth South
  • Wentworth Valley
  • Rotherham North
  • Rotherham South
  • Rother Valley West
  • Rother Valley South

Age ranges served

  • Early years 0-5
  • Primary 5-9
  • Primary 9-11
  • Secondary 11-13
  • Secondary 13-16
  • 16-19


Rotherham Rise employs 34 staff.

Masters, Degrees, NVQ levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, A levels, GCSE’s, OCN


Rotherham Rise has 34 volunteers.

We have a range of basic standard WFD needs including; ongoing first aid; child protection; personal safety; health and safety. There are particular standards we meet in relation to DV work e.g. CAADA training. We also require at different times, things like first-time manager training, access to degree and higher level courses. We will be looking at at least NVQ 4 level for anyone in a managerial role.


500 children and women that have experienced domestic violence.


Rotherham Women’s Refuge is a specialist organisation experienced at delivering good quality safe accommodation and outreach support services to women and children who have experienced domestic violence. We are committed to equal opportunities and to ensuring procedures are implemented so that individuals can access any additional support required to enable them to fully participate in services RWR uses a needs led, child centred approach within it’s work with children and families to ensure we provide services and support that is actually required not was is based upon our assumptions or judgements. We are able to take risks to develop services where there are gaps in provision or families are unable for a number of reasons to access statutory sector provisos. We can then pilot new ways of work, such as Play Therapy assess the impact and then if successful integrate with core provision. We deliver both crisis intervention and preventative services through accommodation based and outreach services, meeting families in their own homes if appropriate or in environments of choice.

And for the Future...

Additional information

  • Nominated Child Protection Officer
  • CRB checks

Policies in Place

  • Child Protection Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Recruitment & Selection Policy
  • Safe Lone Working Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure
  • Business Continuity Policy
  • User Involvement/Participation Policy
  • Training and Development Plan