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Would you like to be part of the Children Young People & Families Consortium? Being part of the Consortium offers a number of benefits. This includes being part of:

  •     a collective voice to influence decision making
  •     developing and improving services
  •     building your networks, knowledge and capacity
  •     maximising your resources through sharing knowledge, ideas and facilities
  •     having the opportunity to work with members on joint projects, services, contracts and much more.

Membership is from as little as £75.00 depending on the turnover of your organisation. All new full members pay just £75.00 for their first introductory year regardless of how large their organisation is. This membership fee system supports the work of the Consortium and joint working amongst its members. To apply for membership of the Consortium please contact

If you would like to discuss any aspect of membership please or how it could benefit you email Ashely Leggott

The full range of member benefits are detailed below:


•    Communication – finding out about things quickly from a wide variety of sources – this includes our single point of contact website and members briefing
•    Getting the ‘big picture’ that no one organisation could obtain
•    Opportunity to initiate, undertake or participate in research and information gathering e.g. IYSS workforce mapping
•    Exchanging information, networking, sharing good practice from a vast & diverse pool of knowledge & experience
•    Receiving mentoring, peer support and bench-marking from similar or like-minded organisations
•    Finding out the ‘inside story’, because reps are on the inside!
•    Accessing areas of specialist/multiagency knowledge e.g. Safe & Well group
•    Testing out assumptions, gaining fresh insights and finding out how others are coping!


•    Having influence & your voice heard
•    Campaigning powerfully around issues of collective concern
•    Positive input into the development of statutory policies, strategies and practice via reps and specialist meetings e.g. Children and Young People Strategic Partnership and the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board
•    Representatives sit in key positions of influence e.g. Children & Safeguarding Board; Improvement Panel; Integrated Youth Support Services (IYSS) group
•    Opportunity for individual representatives to have direct influence & support
•    Influencing the upward movement of quality standards and good practice in member and partner organisations for the benefit of CYP&F in Rotherham

Resources & Savings

•    Collective membership fees e.g. NAVCA, NCVO, saving individual membership costs
•    Commissioning and other joint funding opportunities
•    Access to knowledge, people, space, facilities, training, ICT, ideas and solutions from fellow members and partners
•    Access to capacity building resources e.g. safeguarding conferences


•    Being part of an independent and respected representative body that is seen as a voice-piece for the CYP&F Voluntary Sector and their service users
•    Consortium has a place on key decision making bodies
•    Reps and office holders can gain profile for their organisation
•    Organisations can use membership as a form of recognition
•    Members are profiled on the Single Point of Contact website members’ directory targeted at potential funders and commissioners


•    Lead organisations facilitate partnerships and projects on behalf of members e.g. Talent Match and the Base Project
•    New services jointly developed e.g.  Section 11 workshops and Safeguarding conferences
•    Participation in joint activities and celebrations
•    Able to organise conferences and learning events together
•    Pooling resources to do something no single organization could do
•    Joint-commissioning and partnership/multiagency bids e.g. myplace
•    Access to multi-agency activities e.g. RMBC training & development opportunities, CYPS Planning & Workforce Development opportunities


•    Yorkshire & Humber Youth Work Unit