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RLSCB Recognising and Responding

17th October 2017

Recognising and Responding to Children and Young People Who Display Sexually Concerning or Harmful Behaviour

 Tuesday 17th October 2017, 9.30pm – 4.30pm

Rockingham Professional Development Centre, Roughwood Road, Wingfield Estate, Rotherham, S61 4HY

This course is targeted at any agency / individual who is involved with children and young people, e.g. children’s services, criminal justice, health, education, foster carers and residential home staff. Please note that the course is not suitable for foster carers.

 Participants will explore how their existing knowledge and skills in working with children and young people can be used in this area of work, and will be encouraged to take part in exercises through the use of games, group discussions and creative expression. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss values, and to reflect upon how these may impact on working with children and young people who display sexually concerning or harmful behaviour. Examples of practice will be discussed and demonstrated. There will be some didactic teaching.

 Pre-workshop learning:

  •  Group 3 Core Workshop (Group 3 only)

Workshop Learning Outcomes:

 By the end of the workshop participants will:

  •  Have an understanding around the theoretical, research, policy and practice base of this field of work.
  • Have identified and know how to develop their strengths in the understanding of children’s sexual development.
  • Have an understanding of children’s sexual development and the differences between appropriate sexual play and inappropriate sexual behaviour.
  • Have an understanding of how The Junction has developed ‘Safe Care’ work to create an environment where sexually concerning or harmful behaviour is recognised and responded to appropriately.


If you would like to reserve a place on this workshop, please contact:


Faye Prosser, RLSCB Administrative Assistant

Safeguarding Children’s Unit

01709 254924 or by e-mail

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