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Different But Equal Board

Welcome to our page, dedicated to the work of the Different But Equal Board who are an amazing group of young people doing some amazing work in Rotherham!

Our Story So far: 

Our journey began with the recognition that there was no systematic inclusion of the voice of the child/young person in our systems and structures. Voluntary and Community sector organisations with statutory partners came together to further this, to share good practice and influence the practice of others and formed the Voice and Influence Partnership. What young people were saying at the same time was that they wanted to come together to talk about issues affecting them, to look at what services were out there and what the gaps were with a view to impacting upon services provided for them. So we brought young people together, the Different But Equal board was formed.

Our Vision

That when a plan or decision affects children and young people they are involved at the outset and throughout in shaping that plan and decision. The Different But Equal Board will work alongside young people and practitioners in order for this vision to become a reality.

Our Mission  

To train and advise on how to involve children and young people meaningfully and inclusively in planning and decision making that affects them and to produce good practice guides in order that this is shared and implemented thereby creating a voice and influence centre of excellence.


 If your organisation has young people that you could support to become a member of the Different But Equal Board please contact either Teresa Brocklehurst, or Janet Milnes,