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Case Studies

What our members tell us

The Children, Young People and Families Consortium (CYP&F Consortium)  was created by local VCS organisations who came together to achieve the possible voluntary sector contribution to improving the lives of Rotherham children, young people and families in 2003. Today it comprises 30+ of the main voluntary sector providers of services to children, young people and families in Rotherham and is a registered charity. Members come together to:

  • Increase knowledge and good practice among members
  • Represent the views of its members and their service users to influence and change things for the better
  • Develop children, young person and family centred projects and services which meet local needs

Member feedback includes:

  • “[Without the Consortium] we would not have that wide based knowledge and information on new developments and changes; we would be working on our own in silos.”
  • “We would be less connected to other VCS organisations – there would be no co-ordinated way of information being circulated or disseminated. No easy way for organisations to be kept in the loop.”
  •  “The main reason I want to be part of the Consortium is to ensure that the voluntary sector has a voice and influence within the C&YP services. This is noticeably lacking in other authorities and I believe that this is because of the structure of and availability of this Consortium.”
  •  “It is an excellent forum for sharing issues affecting the people of Rotherham and I feel that the data captured by our organisation can contribute considerably to the identification of need within the borough. By engaging with the consortium we have better understanding of young people specific organisations and the needs of their client group.”

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