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The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability

18th May 2017

Open Forum Events invite you to join us at The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability conference. This event is a high-level meeting, bringing together professionals and peers working within the health and social care systems and its associated partners, to continue the debate as to the future of the NHS.

The NHS Nye Bevan created has served the country very well and is regarded as one of the best healthcare systems in the World. However, the World has changed and the expectations from the NHS today is a far cry from those of 1948. The NHS is perhaps a victim of its own success, as advancements in medical science, innovations in treatment and improved care regimes have meant we are all living longer but not necessarily with good health. The healthcare system is struggling to keep pace with the extra demands and meeting patient needs is an ongoing challenge.
The Five Year Forward View (5YFV), published in 2014, set out a blueprint as to how the NHS would operate until 2020, ensuring quality personalised care, free at the point of access. New models of care, greater integration, 7 day working, an emphasis on prevention plus a commitment to realise £22bn of efficiency savings are some of the key elements in the five-year vision.

At The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability conference we will be exploring the progress that has been made to fulfilling the 5YFV by 2020. The programme will feature certain aspects of the plan, reporting back on the initiatives that have been implemented and the impact they are having. As we move through 2017, this event is the ideal platform to discuss the very latest measures, such as the development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), the further adoption of the vanguard new models of care, future integration plans and the use of the Better Care Fund. A line-up of expert speakers will give delegates a realistic insight as to how the future NHS will look and operate. The conference agenda has set substantial time aside for interactive discussion, knowledge sharing and casual networking throughout the day.

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